Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where Have I Been & Where Did You Go? (A Pre-View of the Next Few Blogs)

Just Last Week

The other day, it dawned on me, I haven't blogged in over 10 months.  Wow!  Where did the time go?  Our family has been GO-GO-GO and the time flew by, almost at the speed of light.
Joplin, MO July 1011

Joplin, MO July 2011 - Just the Fireplace Remains
Hmmmmm...where to start?

Last fall, there was the whole put-the-garden-to-rest thing & I taught myself to knit.  We had alot of snow, feet and feet.  There was the bout with mild-depression (a.k.a. Winter Blues).  I expanded the garden BIG TIME.  Canning, canning & more canning.  The desert for two weeks.  Haiti in March.  Our son did a mission trip to Costa Rica.  A family mission trip to Joplin, MO to help with post-tornado relief.  A new ministry for me coupled with another trip to Haiti in October 2011.  Whew!  Did I forget anything?  Oh yah, maybe a new home, one with much more land for me to garden/cultivate.  But Boy, she's a real fixer-upper.
All Organic - Kosher Dills, Yellow Boy (Tomatoes) & Red Boy

Every new gardening and canning was well photo documented, so I could blog and share what I have learned.  Somehow, the time just slipped thru my fingers and the blogging never happened.  I am praying that all changes rather soon.  I have alot to share...

Mixed Bells

This Year's Sexy Jalapenos

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  1. pictures are making me hungry for some peppers already this morning!