Haiti 2010

Haiti and her people have a very special place in my heart, they have for over 10 years now.  My husband accepted Christ as his personal Savior on a mountain top in Haiti in 1999.  The next year, when my Beloved returned to Haiti, he took me.  I fell in love.  The island, the people.  Oh, the people.  How I love them so...

When the earthquake struck in January, my heart grieved for the Haitian people.  As I cried and prayed, I pleaded for God to send me back to the island.  He said yes.

In May of this year, I returned to my island.  We visited a refugee camp, three orphanages, and spent time with sooo many children.  I took a walking tour thru much farm land and learned about local crops and farming practices.  I kissed precious children.  Prayed blessings over widows and orphans & fell speechless at the sheer sizes of the MANY tent cities.

I met real life Heros.  A group of young men and women who love Jesus with all their hearts and believe that it is their job to serve and help their own people.  They believe that the rebuilding and rescuing of Haiti is the responsibility of the Haitian people.  And that is exactly what they are doing.  Rebuilding with their own hands, feeding refugees, providing clean water, teaching life skills and sending the refugee children to school.  (School here is not free, you only go if you can pay.  Books and uniforms must be bought too.)  They do this because they love Jesus and they take His teaching rather seriously. Once again, I fell in love with the people of Haiti.

My heart lives on this island.  I plan to return later this year & someday soon we would like to live there full time as missionaries serving Jesus.
The Heros